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"Brooklyn was everything we needed for our annual Wellness Day! We asked for fun, energy, and engagement, and Brooklyn delivered in abundance. The double standing ovation at the end of her presentation says everything about the impact she made, and we couldn’t be happier!"- Nicole Burbank, SPHR, SHRM-CP, BP




Fun, engaging, and dynamic keynotes that gets everyone involved! Bring happiness expert and comedian to your next event.

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Achieve greater levels of happiness with your career. Learn to transform your thinking and discover what you are meant to do! 



Have a blast at your next event! I  create unforgettable meetings, increase engagement, and energize attendees to be reignite passion for their work. 

Hello I am Brooklyn!

Motivational Speaker

The Chief Happiness Officer & Party Starter

My mission is simple: Help People Laugh More!

Over the last ten years I have become increasingly passionate about helping people laugh. The best way to laugh more  is to learn to tap into inner joy. I help people find inner joy at work, in their career, and through peak performance coaching. 


 I blend positive psychology, neuroscience, and NLP into my work. In my corporate career in HR and L&D I've been testing these ideas of creating a happier workplace with much success. It is possible to help you to learn how to be happier, healthier, and more productive at work and in life. Join me in creating a happier world that is more resilient, creative, and capable of achieving greatness together. 

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