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chief happiness officer

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                                                                       is known as the Chief Happiness Officer. A motivational speaker, comedian, and happiness at work expert,  she’s dedicated her life to finding the secret of happiness and spreading positivity to everybody she meets. Championing a positive mindset as the best way to level up your life and succeed with your dreams, Brooklyn has coached hundreds of students through workshops and speaking engagements, challenging them to find their inner happiness and become their best selves. Brooklyn will surprise you with her in depth knowledge of the science of the mind and business motivation.

Brooklyn Dicent
About: Services

My Tool Box

As a life-long learner, Brooklyn taps into multiple modalities to help clients thrive. Here are a sampling of methodologies she's studied. Each client engagement will draw from her vast knowledge in coaching, positive psychology, and peak performance training. 


Certified Chief Happiness Officer

Certified Career Coach

Certified Confidence Coach

Certified Business Coach



Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner 

Certified Positive Psychology Coach



Licensed NLP Master Practitioner 

Certified Hypnotherapist 

Certified Grapoh-Therapist 

Certified Numerologist 

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