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 Happiness @ Work

Happy Hour!

Increase Relationships

What's more fun than a good party!

As a celebration expert and energy leader I help you celebrate your team's wins! If you are planning a live or virtual event look no further!


Corporate parties help employees strengthen one of the key areas to happiness at work: strong relationships.  To that end, I deliver unforgettable events that increase engagement, and energize attendees to be reignite passion for their work.

Teams that party together stay together longer!! 

Book a happiness expert to MC your next corporate celebration!

Happiness @ Work

Keynote Speaker

Increase Results

One of the biggest drivers to feeling happy at work is through learning and professional development. Research has

proven that learning at work helps to increase productivity, creativity, and overall success of organizations.

Employees are one of the biggest investments a company makes. The way to protect that investment is by offering opportunities for training and professional development.  Company cultures are changing. People want to apply their learning to solve problems.  

By training and developing employees you empower them to grow their skills. The benefits of learning new skills not only helps the employee it benefits the organization as a whole. 

  • What brings you joy and happiness at work?

  • When was the last time you felt truly excited about the work that lied ahead of you.

  • Regardless of the level of difficulty, when was the last time you felt energized by work? 

Bring a talented happiness at work expert to help your team feel that sense of joy and adventure like you were Startup all over again! 

Happiness @ Work


Increase Revenue

Happiness at work relies on your ability to manage your own happiness. 

Happiness at work coaching will help you reconnect to your feeling of purpose and joy in what you do. Asses how you are learning and challenging yourself at work.    Learning and personal development is at the core of creating happiness at work. When you stop learning you stop growing and evolving. 

To that end I help you find out how to apply learning principles at work to increase your overall joy and happiness you feel to get the job done!  

Learning to learn at work leads to higher levels of productivity and engagement.  



Chief Happiness Officer

My mission is simple: Help people have more fun in life especially at work. Over the last ten years I have become increasingly passionate about helping people find joy and happiness. The best way to be happier is to learn to tap into inner joy. I help people find inner joy at work and in their career,


I blend positive psychology, neuroscience, and NLP into my work. In my corporate career in HR and L&D I've been testing these ideas of creating a happier workplace with much success. It is possible to help you to learn how to be happier, healthier, and more productive at work and in life. Join me in creating a happier world that is more resilient, creative, and capable of achieving greatness together. 

Keynote Speaker

"I watched Brooklyn hold the attention of C-Level Executives in the palm of her hand. Brooklyn is one of those amazingly talented, energetic and insightful people that one meets only rarely in one's career"

Robert Flores, CTO Cyber Security 

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