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What is RTT?  Is it for me? 














RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) is a unique method of hypnotherapy developed by world renowned British hypnotherapist, writer and speaker, Marisa Peer. With over 30 years perfecting this method, Marisa has been therapist to rock stars, celebrities and royalty.

RTT differs in that where conventional hypnosis relies solely on suggestibility, RTT delves deeper into the subconscious to shed light on the root cause of any issue a client might be suffering with.

Once the reason for the issue is uncovered and understood, new, transformational rewiring of the brain can then take place. RTT is so powerful that most people only need one or two sessions to overcome damaging habits that are stopping them from living their perfect, ultimate life. Some of the issues that RTT can address successfully include but are not limited to:

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