The Awakening 

Imagine attending a comedy show that helps you discover things about yourself! Imagine an experience where you answers to questions you've been seeking for a long time. Imagine a show about the unexpected! That is what the Awakening is about. It will astound you. The show is transformational. We consciously creating in the moment. 

The format is part comedy part self-help. I coach people live from the "stage" be it a small intimate setting or a large group. The results is people get to create a shift in an area of their life they want to work on, overcome fears, improve confidence, feel happier instantly. 

Participants will bust through limitations, learn about the meaning of your dreams, perhaps get oracle card reading, there's so much mystical magical things that can happen. You really can't miss this show or better yet book a show for you and your friends! Bring the Awakening experience to a private event! 

This is a great event to bring to a corporate or private function. The intuitive nature of the experience will blow your guests away! Contact me today for more details or to book The Awakening for your next event!