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Stage Performance Coach 

Speaking is Performing! As a speaker you are a leader. You are leading the hearts and mind of your audience. The goal is not just to deliver a presentation. If you are Keynoter or even a breakout presenter...bring a SHOW! 

Why a show? Think about it. You have stage, lights, cameras, AV people, an audience, and anticipation. When is the other time this happens? That's right at a concert of theatrical event! Speaking on stage has everything to do with performance. 

This is where I come in! I combine the POWER of RTT therapy, stage training, and career as a professional speaker, trainer, and entertainer. I have an assortment of tools to help you discover your performance personality. I don't teach you to be like me, I help you to discover the REAL STAGE YOU! 

First let's find out if we are a good match! Book time with me today for a discovery call! 

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