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The Happy Hypnosis Show
Why Book Brooklyn To Perform at Your Next Event?

Master Hypnotist Brooklyn is captivating, energy, and fun. She is sure to deliver hilarious side-splitting comedy entertainment. Enthusiastic audience volunteers become the stars of the show leaving the audience roaring with laughter. No two shows are ever alike.


Brooklyn creates a fun, engaging, and safe entertainment with the audience, both believers and skeptics.  The audience volunteers are receptive to Brooklyn's powerful hypnotic suggestions, finding it fun and easy to transform into world class musicians, speaking foreign languages, and even forgetting their own name! Plus, much more!

This dynamic comedy hypnosis show is the perfect choice for any event looking for a fun, clean, energetic, interactive, and unforgettable show. It is designed to be a memorable success and leave the audience wanting more!

Your Audience Will Experience

  • Increased levels of overall happiness

  • Feel empowered 

  • Feel smarter, sharper, well rested 

  • Reduced stress and increased happiness 

  • Enthusiastically become stars of the show!

  • Roaring with laughter and hear thunderous applause!

  • Be happy they attended and that it was a good clean tasteful show!

  • Have contagious belly laughs and feel rejuvenated 

  • All in a fun environment!

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