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Discover the secret to Happiness

Happiness Expert


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Will create an unforgettable show!

Get ready to be empowered, inspired, and elevated to a powerful new mindset for peak performance. Brooklyn will help your team unlock unlimited positive energy on demand. Be ready to be amazed at what you can do!

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A powerful message on tapping into your unlimited mind!  Be inspired to achieve goals you once thought were impossible. Brooklyn's keynotes are filled with energy, positive power, and transformational insights. Learn how to improve mental performance 

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Your mental skills is your secret weapon for success. 

Mindset coaching will help you bust through limiting beliefs, increase confidence, end self-sabotage, overcome fears, and resistance to achieve the career of your dreams. You will achieve extraordinary results. It's all possible now!   

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Chief Happiness Officer

My mission is simple: Help people have more fun in life by setting and achieving previously unsurmountable goals. I help you transform your life, increase confidence while permanently, yes for ever, removing fears and limiting beliefs holding you back in your career.


In my work I blend Hypnosis, positive psychology, neuroscience, and NLP to achieve extraordinary results. In my corporate career in HR and L&D I've helped create happier workplace with much success. It is possible to help you learn how to be happier, healthier, and more productive at work and in life. Join me in creating a happier world that is more resilient, creative, and capable of achieving greatness together. 

Keynote Speaker

"I watched Brooklyn hold the attention of C-Level Executives in the palm of her hand. Brooklyn is one of those amazingly talented, energetic and insightful people that one meets only rarely in one's career"

Robert Flores, CTO Cyber Security 

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